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To accompany you in your projects, to sublimate your private or professional living spaces.

The comfort of life passes by an organization of space
Véronique Delhay
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Passionate by space arrangement and development area, color bewitchment, enjoying the materials, Véronique Delhay Pérard wanted to work in the fabric and the decoration world.

She passed a diploma of upholsterer decorator in furniture, them she worked on mise-en-scène
aspect and she enriched her career thank’s to an event window dresser diploma.
During all her professional track and until now she will be trained to always be up the skill


At the beginning of her career, Véronique was aproject manager in a luxury fabric shop, then a purchasing manager. She then went on to sell products and to take charge of shop window decoration projects.

All these functions enabled her to meet, share and acquire a know-how recognised by her clients and the profession. New skills were acquired, particularly in the field of sales and product creation.

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The birth of the company delhay decor

All these years and these meetings gave her the desire in April 2004 to create her company. Since then, Véronique has built up a prestigious address book of customers, suppliers and manufacturing plants. Her experience allows her today to meet customers in France and abroad.

In 2010, installation of a showroom, to receive my suppliers and manufacturers, as well as my customers in order to work with samples and catalogues. To give a perspective of each personalized project.

In 2017, acquisition of a software and 3D training, with a professional training, to build, to image your project.


In 2020, Construction industry partnership and architect if needed for major expansion.

For your project, Véronique move to the spot, to understand the place, the context, the atmosphere, and your wishes.The quality of offer will able you to create your universe.
Her skills will conduct her to offer you furniture, lighting and other floor and wall materials.

She offer as well an mise-en scène service according to the space value for your professionnel and private events.

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To accompany you
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Sublimate your living spaces

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