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Today I received catalogues and samples from a large bedding manufacturer (1000 mattresses/day)

We can manufacture everything on your request and wish

Headboards, box springs or beds, mattresses, electric beds

With the sizes you want, for children and adults

In short, a large and beautiful factory, for your comfort

The photos are from the catalogues received

Do not hesitate to contact me, to make you an offer

And according to your request

Don't forget, we spend at least a third of our lives there...

And the comfort of life depends on the organisation of the space...

THE NEW SCHOOL YEAR... it's coming...

Need to redesign the children's room... for an office,

for a bed, dressing room and perhaps a shower room,

review the volumes and decoration  

DELHAYDECOR can help you to realize this project

by a visit to the premises, plans and descriptions

These images are from my professional catalogues

and can be adapted for your project


It is a room intended for intellectual, serious work or for reception

clients or staff with confidentiality. It is a place for

employees of an administration or company. It must be organised,

by a desk, a quality chair to work in for a few hours,

storage for documents, and a cloakroom, a meeting table

if there is no extra room. It is organised according to

a demand for space, circulation, natural light or

and, above all, the need. It is made to measure, in its entirety,

or with large-scale modules, with a decoration

sober for solemn and intellectual seriousness

THE OFFICE AT HOME can be a separate room or it can be created as a separate room.

a module. You can't work in a kitchen or a living room - these rooms are not suitable for the purpose.

have an existing functionality, and is certainly not used to focus

for another job.

DELHAYDECOR can help you to realize this project with plans,

decoration boards, with a well-defined budget

the photos come from my professional catalogues, with several possibilities

for materials, colours, modules or custom-made