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A return to Auberge de Nicey which is located in Romilly sur Seine, in the Grand Est region of the Aube department, and ideally in the heart of the Champagne region


My client's request was to rethink the lunch area, to create a coworking, lounge, and breakfast area.


The specifications were to modernise these two spaces while respecting the structures and furniture that she wanted to keep.


The design project: Existing lounges, high tables, tables and chairs.


1st room depending on the traffic, we put:

3 sofas, 3 armchairs, 2 high tables with 4 stools, 1 table and 2 chairs for the low tables we recover the existing, and cut to the height. In bottom and to give light one poses a wallpaper there and one poses of this fact a piece of sofa style console. We recover the low pieces of furniture for the function of work which we pose differently


For the 2nd room the same function

1 sofa, 3 armchairs, 2 high tables with 4 stools, 1 round table and 4 chairs. For the low tables we use the existing ones and cut them to the right height.

ECOLE UNIVERSITE PLACE DU PANTHEON "Office of the President Paris 2

Objective: A warmer atmosphere with a work table for 8 people

A lounge area, the office that the president wanted to keep, and a cupboard near the office for storage.

Wallpaper in the corner and where the desk is located to delimit the space. And blackout curtains will be proposed
To give warmth and with design lighting
The work table and lounge have been custom made, by colour, material.
They are in white Corian and metal linen Modernity in a prestigious place and architecture.
Not large in size, but majestic by the light, and the view.

A return to the klauss domain

After a few years due to the expansion

with a 5th star at the Relais et Château,

Work has been requested while keeping the original spirit.

The comforts have become superior rooms. The textiles and furniture as well as the bed decoration have been realised and refreshed by colour and material the table in the small lounge is a black glass top which gives a mirror effect with a "Champagne" edge

The Louis Alexandre suite, a sky and bed decoration has been made to give it a beautiful case and dressing. At the end of this bed, a bench in the spirit of a meridian  

light and modern with lots of cushions, light colours and different materials

For the new living room, with its central fireplace, a "haute couture" proposal of armchairs with different materials, in a "Chanel" style

sober and elegant with brass satin and black velvet cushions. The coffee tables have a black metal base and a black marble-like ceramic top with a champagne border.

The restaurant Sosta L'Oliveto

Located in the Paris region, 2 spaces with an Italian culture through the presence and soul of the owners of this country. The Sosta means break in Italian. A bar-brewery adapted to the kitchen and quick service. L'Oliveto, a gastronomic restaurant with carefully prepared dishes. This project required a rethink of the decoration in collaboration with a construction and architectural team. The next step was to create a chic, Parisian-style terrace, respecting all the technical constraints. With light furniture, because it will be taken in every evening, solid and not requiring any. The chairs and high chairs are made of aluminium and a beautiful imitation bamboo. The weaving will be in white and black and PVC. For maintenance, it is only perfect and light. The tables are folding and the legs are made of aluminium. With a rather thin table top, in line with the interior.

School Panthéon-Assas University Paris 2 (Offices)

One of the most beautiful universities in Paris. Creation, plan and study of an office and executive secretarial project.
On a surface of 80 m². An intermediate door was created for the 2 offices. The parquet floor, painting and wallpaper were done.
For the ceiling, the light was improved (change of spotlights).
For the sockets, we had the possibility to modify them, i.e. for the central office, the socket is placed on the floor and at the level of the console and thus offers a very pleasant visual. The furniture was made to measure, in white matt lacquer and white glass. Inside, a small fridge and a safe have been installed.
The seats have been selected with a high level of comfort.
The light fittings are made of bronze and are also of high quality.

School Panthéon-Assas University Paris 2 (Salle des professeurs)

One of the most beautiful universities in Paris. Creation, plan and study of a project for a staff room to be revamped. On a surface of 95 m2 approximately. Furniture additions over time without any visibility. Three skylights in the ceiling which were not highlighted, 2 full-height windows which were hidden. The specifications were to give a sense of space and light back into the space with 3 workstations, 1 desk, lockers and cupboard for storage and closing. Round and low tables. A maximum of 19 seats in this room. Lounge area. At the back of this wall, a wallpaper is placed to give substance. Two beige floor lamps and lampshades are used. A large carpet designed for the site and on it are placed 6 armchairs and 2 sets of three coffee tables. A cloakroom and work area is installed in line. There is a carpet, 3 round tables and 9 seats. At the back of the wall, 2 large mirrors are installed to give perspective. On the left, a row of changing rooms is installed and in front of it, 2 large tables and 3 seats for working are placed. Everything was made to measure for this project.

Launching a product

Launch of a high-end product created in 2016 in Portugal. Work and advice to create a space around this product with an adaptation where it will be displayed.

Pantheon University School - Place du Panthéon (Salle des professeurs)

For this school, it was necessary to update the teachers' room, while respecting the site and its history. Everything was completely redone: the floor, the walls, the lighting and the furniture. A proposal for an object was made, with precise specifications. The main pieces of this project were two large carpets measuring 840*440 and 590*410. The idea was to pick up a motif while walking around the place.

Place Vendôme

DELHAY DECOR was commissioned to do the finishing work for two beautiful boutiques: GRAFF and CARTIER. On one of the most beautiful squares in the world. Place Vendôme, the symbol of Parisian luxury due to the large number of boutiques it houses. With one of the greatest hotels: the RITZ.

3D plan for a hotel project

Work on volumes, definition of materials and perspective. Complete work with the clients and the architect. For your future projects, think about this exercise. It is important to see the volumes for circulation and the real space available.