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special achievements


During a business meeting, a client bought a studio for rent

A rectangular structure with a bay window and a very basic bathroom

The basic plan received, there is no sleeping space, a sofa bed has been proposed

The client wanted a real bed, not a wardrobe bed. The work was to make this studio,

a beautiful setting, and everything at your disposal like a beautiful flat


If you wish to rent, we can take care of

A complete job and everything planned so that nothing is missing



Parisian apartment

A nice service to do, in the heart of Paris.
Decorate studios for rent.
With an elegant standing and where nothing is missing to spend a few days on holiday or work.

The decoration of the wall, floor and tile structures was done according to the decorative boards and the selected fabrics.

Valerie and Eric's house

A house that I worked on at the very beginning when I created my company in 2004, 16 years ago. Their request was to give the house a fresh look, knowing that in this very well kept house, I didn't see much. During this meeting, we created an office space that was just a passage. And I also made a beautiful bookcase, changed or renovated the furniture with fabric. I put up wallpaper and a carpet. The floor was sanded with an ultra-matt varnish. White paint on the ceiling and wall. A beautiful case of great elegance and taste.

The house in Pavia

The Pavie house is located in Dinan, in the Côtes d'Armor department, in Brittany. This 15th century house is a listed historic monument. It is a bed and breakfast where modernity mixes with a very old structure.

Anne's apartment

A decoration to be done and, on arriving at the place, I see a great light fixture hanging from the ceiling. I had to highlight it and especially play with the decoration around this object. The rooms are decorated with care and taken care of with the client's objects. A nice decoration project.

Parisian apartment

A decoration of a flat to be realized with an architect. Redesign of furniture, interior textiles according to the colours selected by the client.

Parisian apartment

A decoration of a flat to be realized with an architect.

A listed flat in the heart of Paris, inside and out


Exceptional space and height, the friezes and period furniture have been restored.


A job of listening, the client did not want to live in a museum,

And in order to realize this project with all its possibilities, we worked

by colour and materials with modernity.

the objects that the client found have been restored for the seats


While respecting the architecture, and the constraints of being listed.

A beautiful setting that we had the pleasure of making.

Guest house in Thibivillers

A commune located in the department of Oise, in the Hauts-de-France region. A decoration of guest rooms, personalized, with a living room where one rests and shares moments together.

Lea's house

Located in the centre of Paris, very close to the Bastille, a contemporary guest house. The modern rooms are individually decorated.

Valerie's house

Decoration of 2 rooms, open. My mission? To make a link to have a continuity and the same visual in the space.