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My job is not just to choose a wallpaper, a fabric, or a lamp.
Nor is it just to respond in a meeting about your existing decoration or to react and propose a solution in 5 minutes.

A project requires reflection, clear steps and therefore time. It allows the decorator to accompany a client, whether private or professional, in a structured and sequential process.

1. Drafting the specifications

I have to understand and to give meaning to your life project. Defined the visual perspective,
worked with natural and artificial light. Them I have to applied the ergonomics rules and defined
correctly the space to each fonction that you would like to use in your futur environnement.

This understanding made of discussion and listening with you, help me to draft the specifications.
The application of safety regulation are part of the specifications, specially the one to public
access building.
It is on that basic that I could profil your project.

2. Defined and realized the project

On the basis of the specifications, I draw the plans for the various interior layouts. This requires a mastery of technical drawing on 3D software.
I then produce a presentation file containing the plans and models, with increasing precision, relating to the different stages of the project. These three stages go from the sketch to the final project via a summary project.

Thanks to my contacts, I can collaborate with architects to validate interventions on the structure of buildings. I anticipate the possible consequences of the project and extensions if necessary. During these stages, when the project becomes more precise and refined, I find the various service providers who will be involved in the project and negotiate with them.

By choosing the decorative elements and materials with the client, the prices are confirmed.
I can then coordinate and manage the intervention schedule of these service providers and launch the construction site.
During the construction site, I control its realization, validate the good execution of the work and regularly check the respect of the budgets and the deadlines.
Moreover, I support my customer in the management of the administrative part of the construction site. When the work is handed over, I will have offered you style, within the framework of respecting your budget and your schedule.

3. Interior decoration after Covid-19

Of course, I am aware that the world has radically changed and I adapt myself facing the new challenge.

Redefined your space in order to respect the new sanitary rules and authorize your professional duties.
Regain warmth in your environment after weeks of concern. Use by choice, accessories, furniture and fabric made closer from site, with concern of environmental respect.
In your company, we have to rationalize the circulations and space to enhance all trades.