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I have been working with MME DELHAY for several years and I naturally thought of her during the refurbishment of our new space, the Lounge.
A professional and quality work where our needs and ideas are taken into consideration.

Ms Laurence Fery

Moulin de la Forge

We have been working with Véronique Delhay for over 10 years. Her attentiveness, the quality of her advice and the results... have always given us great satisfaction. We particularly appreciate her proposals, always in the spirit of our house with the right amount of creativity!

- Ms Sabine Ducaruge




Hotel des Bains

We have been using the services of the company "DELHAY DECOR" for many years and our satisfaction is perfect.

Its manager knows how to adapt to our needs and always selects tasteful products at reasonable prices.

We also called on the services of DELHAY DECOR for our subsidiary in Bavaria, the "ALPENHOTEL WAXENSTEIN", a hotel and restaurant of the **** superior class and a member of the "ROMANTIK HOTELS & RESTAURANTS" hotel chain.

We can recommend it without reservation to our hotel and restaurant colleagues.

- Mr Henri-Philippe REGIS

Owner of the Hôtel des Bains


September 2020

Valerie and Eric's house

Véronique accompanied us in our project from start to finish. She offered us her ideas at every stage, taking into account our wishes but daring to challenge them.

The result is that this decoration really resembles us, even if it does not totally resemble our initial idea, the difference is Véronique and that is very good.

- Mrs and Mr Cabos

September 2020

Domaine de la Klauss

Three years ago, at a trade show, I had the good fortune to cross paths with Mrs Véronique Delhay.

From this happy encounter was born an exceptional piece of interior design in keeping with the architectural work we had built. Having built our hotel-spa ***** from scratch in a 21st century castle made of stone, I wanted to find someone who understood the spirit of our house, our desires and who could guide us towards the right choices.

Mrs Delhay has fully met our expectations and even gone beyond them by completely integrating herself into our project and has, through a remarkable and immeasurable amount of work, managed to magnify our 12 suites, all personalised, and our 16 "Comfort" rooms. The common areas have also been designed by Véronique Delhay and are in the same elegant style.

Today, Véronique Delhay's work in our establishment is praised daily by our client, as well as by all the press who have already visited us. We can only praise and recommend the services of a professional who could be described as an artist in her own right.

- Mr Keff Alexandre

January, 2016

University of Paris II

It was during my presidency of the University of Paris II that I met

Ms Véronique Delhay. The university was to undertake two renovation projects, each involving a staff room. The first in the historic building at 12 place du Panthéon (Paris V), the other in the more modern building at 92 rue d'Assas (Paris VI).

The first project was in every respect the most important, taking place in a listed building and in premises shared by two universities (Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne and Paris II Panth on-Assas). These premises were in a particularly bad state of repair, not having been restored for more than fifty years, and therefore deserted by their natural users, who rightly demanded a place that would be able to welcome foreign colleagues with dignity and be a pleasant temporary workplace. Ms Delhay's work has been exceptional in every way. She is a good listener and she knows how to guide without imposing. She is constantly concerned with the quality of the work, the satisfaction of the client and the attention to detail. We had numerous and sometimes heated discussions on the overall design, the layout, the materials... Mrs Delhay has an incredible range of options and solutions.

The result is that both achievements are successes unanimously welcomed by my colleagues and the staff of the university. I was so convinced by the qualities of the work of Mrs Delhay and her teams that I entrusted her with the fitting out (from top to bottom) of my new office at the end of my presidency. And I can only congratulate myself, once again, for having done so.

- Guillaume Leyte

Honorary President of the University

President of the Sorbonne-Assas International Law School

President of the Dubai Campus 

19 April 2021